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     Name                                      Rock Drill

Internal Combustion Rock Drill

The Internal Combustion Rock Drill Type RD27J is a very efficient machine with the characters that the structure is very compact,Less of the-easy-to-damage-parts,and very easy to control.It can adapt to these outside situations there is no water and no electronic power.It is a Kind hand held drill built up with gasoline engine,Air pump,rock drill and the rotation plumbum equipment for running or stop.It can be used as a tool for breaking,percussive drilling,tamping besides rock Drilling.

746×315×229 mm
Diameter of engine piston
φ58 mm
Stroke of engine piston
70 mm
Rotating speed of engine with load
>=2450 rpm
Drilling speed
>=250 mm/min
Oil consumption
<=0.12 L/m
Max.drilling depth
6 m
End of tool shand
hex 22*108 mm
Front end of breaker
hex 22*108 mm
Ignition system
Controllable siliconcontactless system