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     Name                                      light steel house


Light steel prefabricated house is using light steel as the main structure. The components to carry the load is made of the profiled steel (cold-bent thin-walled steel) with a small cross section. The thickness of the steel is less than 1 mm and the applied amount per square meter is 20-25 Kg.
Its structure is very strong, with high strength, regardless of the vertical load (house weight and items on the floor), or horizontal loads (such as hurricanes and earthquakes), will only lead to local deformation, when receiving more than 2 times of the ultimate load, the surface will be slightly protruding. When the external load removed, the deformed part can be restored to a flat surface with good ductility. Compared with concrete houses and brick houses, light steel structure houses will not collapse immediately in the earthquake, causing less harm to people.

This kind of cold-formed section steel has the ability of corrosion protection for 50-70 years. It is used in the load-bearing area of the main structure and filled with fireproof materials in the structure.

For example, glass wool  ( A level fire-proof and heat preservation), OSB (fire-resistant for more than an hour), graphite polyphenol board (B level fire-proof and heat preservation, shrinking in case of fire, self-extinguishing from the fire.) Metal layer on the surface of metal carving board (fireproof and heat preservation).

Compared to concrete houses and brick-built houses, this light-steel prefabricated house can save 75% energy and materials, and the 10 cm-thick wall has the same thermal resistance as a 1-meter-thick brick wall.

After the house is demolished, the light steel structure is 100% recycled.

Steel Column

Galvanized Steel C section steel(light steel keel)

Roof Frame

Galvanized Steel C section steel(light steel keel)


Fiber glass wool Sandwich panel


Ceramic tile and wooden ground floor


Fiber glass Sandwich panel


Ceiling lights, electric wire, socket


Aluminum window


Entrance door,steel security door, Inner door,wooden molded door


Sprinkler, hand basin ,water closet

Drainage system

Provided plan, design and construction

Life span

80 Years

1. Cost effective.
2.Strong steel kit frames
3.Utilizing recycled materials
4.Build easier and quicker
5.Minimum waste during manufacture
6.Anti-seismic (9 grade)wind resistance(70m/s)
7.Suitable to rural, urban, metro and coastal locations
8.Custom designs to suit various land topographies